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warmshell woodfibre boards

Warmshell woodfibre boards are the sustainable, breathable, rigid insulation slabs suitable for direct plastering and rendering. Ideal for retrofit and new build, Warmshell boards can be fitted inside or out, and used with render, plaster or cladding or under roof tiles.

Warmshell woodfibre boards are the intelligent insulation option which can buffer and store heat and moisture, keeping you warm and dry in winter and stopping overheating in summer. Warmshell boards won’t trap moisture because they are highly breathable and exploit woods incredible ability to wick and harmlessly move water. Made with waste sawdust from sustainable FSC accredited forests, they are the sustainable, low carbon option for internal and external wall insulation. Compared to lightweight synthetic insulations, the density of Warmshell woodfibre allows phaseshift to reduce summer overheating as well as giving excellent sound deadening acoustic properties. Warmshell doesn’t just save heat, it creates a comfortable , healthy indoor climate. And unlike some insulations, our boards are totally free from formaldehyde and other chemical biocides.

A range of compatible renders and plasters are available with the boards as part of the system, for assistance choosing the best products for your project, give us a call on 01469531227 or 07743362408.

If you would like a full Warmshell system quote please send an email to and include in the message whether you require external wall insulation (EWI) or internal wall insulation (IWI) also the total square meters to cover, the delivery postcode and if there is a specific thickness of insulation you require. 

Item Number Description Price
1819 Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 40 mm: per board 1860 x 590mm £15.88
1820 Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 60 mm: per board 1860 x 590mm £21.18
1821 Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 80 mm: Full Pallet of 30.7m2 £700.85
1822 Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 100 mm: Full Pallet of 24.1m2 £688.97
1823 Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 120 mm: Full Pallet of 19.8m2 £693.40

Prices are + vat

40mm Warmshell woodfibre boards Pallet of 56
£1,066.80 inc. VAT
60mm Warmshell woodfibre boards Pallet of 36
£914.40 inc. VAT
80mm Warmshell woodfibre boards Pallet of 28
£840.00 inc. VAT
Lime Green Solo One Coat Plaster
£23.88 inc. VAT
Lime Green SOLO One Coat Plaster - Pallet of 40 Bags (1 Ton)
£840.00 inc. VAT
Pallet bag price £17.50 + Vat
Lime Green Warmshell Adhesive
£19.80 inc. VAT
Lime Green Warmshell adhesive - Pallet of 50 Bags (1 Ton)
£930.00 inc. VAT
Pallet bag price £15.50 + Vat