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Warmshell Wood Fibre Natural Insulation

You can fit Warmshell insulation to either the inside or the outside of your property, and with the
cost-effective Warmshell Saver System, we have products to suit your budget. What's more, Warmshell qualifies for the government's ‘Green Deal’ loans, with these wall insulation grants, there's even more reason for you to make energy saving home improvements.

Warmshell internal and external wall insulation products are used on some of Britain's best-known
historic buildings and ecological developments, as well as smaller projects and individual self-builds.

Manufactured in the UK, Warmshell offers better value and breathability than other products on the market, with a much wider range of decorative finishes to suit both a modern and traditional style of building. 
40mm Warmshell woodfibre boards Pallet of 56
£1,066.80 inc. VAT
60mm Warmshell woodfibre boards Pallet of 36
£914.40 inc. VAT
80mm Warmshell woodfibre boards Pallet of 28
£840.00 inc. VAT
Lime Green Solo One Coat Plaster
£23.88 inc. VAT
Lime Green Warmshell Adhesive
£19.80 inc. VAT
Lime Green Warmshell adhesive - Pallet of 50 Bags (1 Ton)
£930.00 inc. VAT
Pallet bag price £15.50 + Vat