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St Astier lime Paint

Vibrant and beautiful, the St Astier lime paint range is the perfect compliment to lime plaster, render and harling, suitable for most backgrounds. Can be applied to gypsum plasters, lining paper, cement and lime backgrounds, bricks, blocks and untreated timber.Mixing.The general ratio is 1 volume of powder to 2 volumes of clean water. Further dilution might be necessary on porous backgrounds. The lime paint is supplied in tubs as a powder for mixing on site with water. The tub has a fill line for normal use. Proper mixing is essential. When mixed it should be completely free of lumps or fine particles. Check the bottom and sides of the mixing tub to ensure all the powder is fully diluted. 

Recommendation: If in doubt, always try on a small test area.

Unsuitable backgrounds
Not to be used on backgrounds with no suction or containing waterproofing agents, oil paints, grease, distempers or cement paints which have water repellent agents.

Do not use below 8o C or above 30o C. Avoid working in foggy/ damp weather.
Protect from rain, strong direct sunlight and drying winds for at least 24 hours or longer if required.

Technical data:
Made from pure high calcium hydrated lime. Acrylic addition: max. 5%.
Pigments: mineral or earth oxides.
Normal dilution ratio - 1 vol. powder: 2 vol. water (1kg. Powder: 4 litres water)

Shelf life: 
Powders: 12 months from purchase date if kept sealed in original container.
Once mixed with water: 12 months if kept sealed in airtight container.

Health and Safety:

Irritant to the eyes and skin. Wash affected areas abundantly with clean water (do not use soap). Do not ingest or inhale dust. Wear adequate protection (mask/goggles/gloves) during handling and mixing. See Health and Safety document.

For further Guidance, contact us at 01469 531 227 

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