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Warmshell Solid Wood Insulation system is an ideal way in which to insulate and add weather protection to buildings constructed from solid wood; Cross Laminated Timber or CLT.

Cross-laminated timber or CLT are large load-bearing engineered timber panels that are light, stable and very strong. A quick method of construction CLT is used to build entire structures, openings, such as doors and windows, are incorporated within the panels then Warmshell Insulation is then used to encase the whole structure making it warm and dry. 

Warmshell adds a layer to the outside of the structure completely encasing the building. This offers a number of significant advantages. From an insulation perspective, this makes the building highly efficient. Essentially you can expect a Warmshell wall to be warmer, more airtight, have better acoustics than standard methods of insulation. 

Warmshell insulation also significantly limits solar gain over standard insulation types, giving consistency of internal temperature throughout the year. And by providing no opportunity for cold air to migrate inward through timber, Warmshell also virtually eliminates thermal bridging, which can seriously compromise the energy efficiency of a building.

Warmshell consists of just five key components, making the construction process straightforward, with no special training required by contractors. Available as eco-friendly wood fibre board, you can choose which insulation thickness to use to suit your specification.

Warmshell Solid Wood insulation can be completed using our many different coloured renders in several textures to give you the look you want. And as a sophisticated lime-based render is used to protect it won’t shrink or crack over time so the outside of your build will stay looking good.

Warmshell has been tested extensively by independent organisations and has been found to meet the highest British and European standards.

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