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 is a concentrate fluid mineral based plaster primer which is designed to control many high suction backgrounds whilst still remaining vapour open. PS2 can also be used to consolidate and stabalise problematic surfaces and substrates and provide additional bond strength prior to the application of MPL1, FP1 or Silic8 Adhesive. The Silic8 range is the only plaster primer on the market to be independently tested for vapour diffusion to reassure you that water vapour is not trapped in the fabric of your building.

Some typical substrate types: Masonry backgrounds, magnesium silicate boards, historic or new plasters (lime, cement or gypsum), wood, and wood type boards, terracotta and some ceramic tiles and paints*.  An in-house testing facility for bond strength is offered if you have specific requirements**

Coverage: On an even surface, once diluted, 1 litre of PS2 will cover approximately 1.7m² (7kg  will cover approximately 11.9m ²). Allow more for uneven surfaces.

Use: Dilute 1:1 with water. Stir well before use. Apply with a brush or continuous spray. The surface to be primed must be sound and dry. Where the surface is powdery or friable, work the primer in to the affected areas with a brush and test for bond strength after 24 hours.

Ensure that surfaces not to be primed are protected, particularly glass. Wash splashes, tools and brushes with water. Do not store or use in extremes of temperatures (<5 or above 30C). If splashed on the skin wash off immediately with water. Wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.


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