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SecilTEK Silicate Paint.

Silicate Paint provides a long-lasting, breathable paint finish both internally and externally. It can be applied onto a wide range of surfaces, including lime and cement based renders, gypsum plasters and stonework. It can be used on both traditional and modern structures and is ideal for troublesome areas, such as damp basements.
The use of breathable paints is essential in traditional, solid wall constructions which may contain moisture from a range of sources.  Trapping this moisture in the walls with film-forming acrylic paints can cause serious structural and dampness problems.
SecilTEK Silicate Paint In Colour
SecilTEK Silicate Paint is now avavible in a range of colours,
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Please Phone to order From the colour range on 01469 531227
SecilTEK Silicate Masonry Paint 15L
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SecilTEK Masonry Primer 15L
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