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Buy Pavaflex Flexible Wood Fibre Insulation
Buy Pavaflex Flexible Wood Fibre Insulation
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Pavaflex flexible wood fibre insulation is a natural, breathable and flexible insulation made from wood fibres and is treated with inorganic salts to provide fire and pest resistance. It has a good insulation K value of 0.038 W/mK and a density of 55kg/m3. Its hygroscopic nature means it is able to absorb moisture without adversely affecting the quality of the material.

As a natural wood based material, more carbon is locked up in Pavaflex than is released in production making it carbon negative. Its non-toxic nature also ensures it is easy to handle and not unpleasant to work with. It can be easily cut using the Pavaflex insulation knife and a handy tip is to cut the Pavaflex while it is within its packaging. This ensures the batts are held tightly and compressed, making cutting easier.

Roof: Between rafters
Wall: Between studs
Floor: Between joists

The Pavaflex batts are available in a range of thicknesses from 50mm up to 140mm and in widths of either 575mm or 375mm. Each batt measures 1350mm long.

Pavaflex is sold in packs – the number of batts per pack and their coverage information is shown below.

Thickness Width Batts per pack Coverage per pack
50mm 375mm 6 3.04m²
80mm 375mm 4 2.03m²
100mm 375mm 3  1.52m²
140mm 375mm 2 1.01m²
50mm 575mm 9 6.99m²
80mm 575mm 4 3.10m²
100mm 575mm 3 2.33m²
140mm 575mm 2 1.55m²

Thermal performance
Pavaflex has a Thermal Conductivity value of 0.038 [W/(mK)].

Pavaflex is used between studs and rafters for many of the NBT insulation systems.


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