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Passivhaus insulation design methods are at the forefront of energy efficient buildings, creating comfortable living and working spaces.

The energy efficient design means heat losses of the building are reduced to such a low level that it hardly needs any heating at all. Passive heat sources like the sun, human occupants, household appliances and the heat from the extracted air cover a large part of the heating demand.

•Ultra low fuel bills

•Elimination of thermal bridging

•Good protection from summer heat – long phase shift and Amplitude Dampening

•improved indoor air quality

•Good acoustic performance  leads to quieter indoor space

•Lower maintenance costs - less technology to go wrong

The Warmshell Insulation system can be used to meet the demands of Passivhaus design; airtightness, thermal performance and the removal of thermal bridges are all easily achieved.

The thermal storage capacity of woodfibre insulation used in Warmshell system buffers changes in temperature, releasing the stored heat over a number of hours. Amplitude Dampening and Phase shifting are as vital for summer heat protection as the U value is for Thermal insulation in winter.

The breathable hydroscopic natural insulation and the lime renders used in the Warmshell Insulation system also contribute towards a healthy indoor living space.