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Warmshell is an ideal way to upgrade the thermal
performance of existing timber frame buildings.

The Warmshell Timber Frame Insulation system adds an additional layer to the outside of the structure to completely encase the property. This offers a number of significant advantages. From an insulation perspective, this makes Warmshell highly efficient. Essentially you can expect a Warmshell wall to be warmer, more airtight, have better acoustics than standard methods of insulating old timber frames.

Breathability is vitally important in historic buildings as are hydroscopic materials that buffer moisture, protecting delicate structures from decay. Warmshell Insulation creates a breathable yet air tight envelope around the building virtually eliminating thermal bridging and drafts, which can seriously compromise the energy efficiency of a building.

Warmshell Insulation consists of just five key components, making the construction process straightforward. Our carefully designed lime render, insulated fixings, and woodfibre boards are compatible with buildings of all ages. You can choose which insulation thickness to use to suit your requirements and render finish to give you the look you want. See our range of colours here>

The Warmshell Insulation system has been tested extensively by independent organisations and has been found to meet the highest British and European standards.

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