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Limecrete Products - Lincolnshire Lime

With the need to improve the insulation of all the external envelope in old buildings, now insulating floors have an important role to play and the use of insulating breathable free draining subbases and insulating limecretes have
become common place.
Limecrete floors offer an alternative to impervious, non flexible cement concrete floors.
Geotextile Fabric 4.5M Wide
From: £2.50
£3.00 inc. VAT
Available by the meter or as 100m Rolls
Recycled Foam Glass Aggregate 2 m3
£270.00 inc. VAT
Secil Singleton Birch NHL 5 pallet of 40 bags (1 ton)
£486.00 inc. VAT
Primarily used on external works in exposed areas such as chimneys, copings or river and canal works and provides a faster, harder set.