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Universal lime plaster based on a medieval recipe. We know its successful because buildings using the recipe still exist today. Limecote / Limecoat is non-hydraulic, breathable, extraordinarily flexible and sustainable.

Limecote / Limecoat has been described as a game changing product.

It is based on a lost English medieval plaster recipe, once used commonly, particularly on timber framed buildings. It can still be easily found in 15th to 18th Century buildings from the humblest thatched cottage to the grandest, high status mansions.
It is highly likely that the recipe was used for one of the most extravagant buildings Europe has ever seen, Nonsuch Palace, Henry VIIIs grandest and most elaborate building project. The building was timber framed and was decorated with 700 high relief stucco panels depicting classical scenes.

Nonsuch Palace by Henry William Brewer, 1874 RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collection.

The fact that the plaster can still be commonly found is testament to the robust and tenacious nature of the mix, it sticks very well to most backgrounds and has enormous flexibility.

These qualities were undoubtedly there by design, when dealing with timber framed buildings, especially built with green oak, there can be a phenomenal amount of background movement as the timber dries out. This movement would have been too much for the far more rigid, heavy sand based mixes and would have and still do, result in failure.

Fireplace using lime Plaster (limecote)


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Non-hydraulic | Breathable | Extraordinarily Flexible | Sustainable | Traditional | Beautiful


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