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Finish WP is a self-coloured lime render, which means no further over-painting is needed. Just choose the colour and final texture that you want from our wide range and apply, and the job's done. Finish WP is used as the final coat in our Warmshell external wall insulation system.

Lime Green Finish WP 1 Ton (48 Bags)

Special additives in the lime render reduce the risk of surface cracking and the development of algae growth. Finish WP also offers the very best protection against rain and other elements. This creates a long-lasting and stable finish with built-in colour that greatly reduces the need for maintenance and repair.

So, use Finish WP lime render and not only will you save on the cost and time of painting but then won't have to worry about paintwork flaking or being knocked and revealing another colour beneath.


22 kg sacks, 45 per pallet.


Approx 1.6kg of powder is required per mm of thickness over 1m².

A 22kg bag will cover approximately 2.75 m² at 5mm thick. This does not include any allowance for wastage.

Surface Preparation

Apply to a flat, previously keyed basecoat of Prepbond WP. The background should be flat (typically ±3mm per meter). Dampen the surface with a gentle mist spray of water before starting.


Finish WP should be mixed either with a suitable machine with 4 to 5 litres of clean water per bag. Typical mixing time is between 5-10 minutes.

Application Guidelines

Temperatures: above 5°C and below 30°C.


The background must be straight flat and dampened. Never attempt to build out and level using Finish WP. Different textures may be achieved using the following methods;

  • Scraped finish
  • Sponge Finish
  • Wood float finish

Different methods of finishing will affect the colour and texture of the product. Make sample panels before starting the main work.


Prevent from drying out too rapidly.

Lightly spray each coat with water if it is hot or the product is drying too quickly.

Protect from adverse conditions such as frost, rain etc. until fully set.


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