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Fitting the Warmshell interior insulation system is a simple three step process

Warmshell Internal insulation is a highly breathable Internal Masonry IWI (Internal Wall Insulation) system fitted to the inside of walls and roofs.  Using natural woodfibre boards and a traditional lime plaster. Warmshell Internal is used on historic masonry and timber houses, where its ability to buffer and control moisture makes it the ideal insulation system for a comfortable, healthy home.

By installing Warmshell internal insulation to the inside of the property, it is important that as much of the internal wall is covered. 

The system build up is roughly as follows:

  • Existing lime plaster or a new levelling coat of Lime Green Duro

  • Woodfibre boards fixed with either WT hammer in fixings or WTS screw in depending on nature of the wall.

  • Plaster with Lime Green Solo 10mm thick, including glass fibre mesh.

  • Paint with breathable paints, such as Earthborn or Beeck.

Lime Green Solo is an easy to use one coat lime plaster have the added benefit that the exterior finish of your walls remains ‘breathable’. Wood fibre insulation boards and lime render are hygroscopic so provide a moisture buffer.  Lime renders also resist staining and the build up of mould, so your walls will stay looking good without constant cleaning.