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Warmshell Interior wall insulation is a practical solution when fitting insulation to the outside of property isn’t an option. 


Suitable for all solid walled buildings, including historic and listed properties, Warmshell Interior insulation has been subjected to long term independent monitoring by the SPAB (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings), making it the perfect choice for older homes.

Choosing Warmshell Interior wall insulation means you don’t have to hire scaffolding, negotiate access with neighbours, think about external finishes, or get planning permission, because everything’s done inside your home.

Fitting Warmshell Interior insulation is a simple four-step process
Furniture and furnishings are moved so we can access the exterior walls (internal walls aren’t affected)

The Warmshell insulation boards are secured to the wall surface (you can leave existing plaster in place).

The insulation is cut to size and fixed into position (cables for sockets and light switches may need to be extended through the insulation, though this isn’t always necessary)

The wall insulation is plastered with the one coat lime plaster Lime Green Solo 

Because Warmshell Interior insulation uses natural lime plasters and wood fibre boards, the whole system continues to allow the wall to breathe.