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Insulation systems fitted to new and old properties can be essential to there sustainable functionality, however choosing the right insulation system for the building is important in order to retain critical features of the building Lincolnshire Lime provide a range of insulation systems from the most advanced vapor open aerogel insulation to the traditional hemp and sheeps wool insulation and everything in between For help choosing the Insulation system that is right for your project call the Lincolnshire Lime team on 01469531227.

ultra insulating lime plaster

Lime green Ultra is a thermally insulating lime basecoat for rendering and plastering. Made using modern manufacturing techniques, Ultra’s formulation is based on traditional Natural Hydraulic Lime and light-weight mineral aggregates to make a product unique in the marketplace

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Wood fibre insulation boards

Warmshell internal and external wall insulation products are used on some of Britain's best-known historic buildings and ecological developments, as well as smaller projects and individual self-builds. Warmshell offers better value and breathability than other products on the market, with a much wider range of decorative finishes to suit both a modern and traditional style of building.

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warmcote warmcoat insulating lime plaster

Warmcote / Warmcoat is a lightweight, breathable, insulated lime plaster - developed to offer insulation for traditional, historic buildings.

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Adaptavate Breathaplasta insulating lime plaster

Breathaplasta is a high-performing internal plaster product comprised of a blend of limes, bio material, fine sand and natural additives. Its natural formulation is quick setting, chemical free and highly vapour permeable allowing moisture to freely move through the plaster. Breathaplasta is the product to recommend to clients that need easy-to-use solutions to reduce problems with condensation and mould.

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Hemp straw chopped and cleaned

Hemp is also available in its pure form for making in to insulating hemp plaster and insulating hempcrete

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aerogel insulation

Spaceloft is a flexible, nanoporous aerogel blanket insulation designed to meet the demanding energy conservation requirements of residential and commercial building applications. Spaceloft’s unique properties—extremely low thermal conductivity, superior flexibility, hydrophobicity, and ease of use—make it essential for those seeking the ultimate in thermal protection.

Secil ecoCORK insulating Plaster

Secil ecoCORK is a sustainable and ecological building product formulated with natural cork aggregates, sands and natural hydraulic lime (NHL). This particular mortar blend contributes to the improvement of acoustic and thermal insulation. It has been formulated for spray or manual applications on to solid internal or external walls.

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Thermafleece Cosy Wool

Thermafleece is the UK’s best performing natural sheep’s wool insulation, available in roll or slab form and designed to be installed by the home-owner or professionals – making Thermafleece the ideal natural insulation choice for traditional and modern buildings and homes. Thermafleece sheep’s wool insulation can be used in Roofs, Walls, Lofts and Floors and supplied in different sizes and densities to suit your performance needs. All the wool comes from UK sheep

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Insulating Lightweight

To create a robust weight bearing, air tight, but breathable covering with further insulation above the sub-bases described above it is common to use untreated lightweight fired clay aggregate balls in a size of 0–20mm, or crushed pumice, mixed with eminently hydraulic lime. Usually at a mix of 1 part lime to 3 parts light weight aggregate. Whilst some companies will lay these floors at 125mm thick it is usually recommended at 150mm deep. Limecrete is never left without a covering of tiles, flags or engineered timber on battens and these are laid on a screed and bedding mortar above the insulating limecrete.

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GEOCELL insulating Foam Glass Aggregate

Foam Glass is an aerated foam glass gravel manufactured from 100% recycled waste glass For use as an insulated clean sub-base. Lorry load tipper 80.00per cube Lay between 100 -250mm, please contact us for u value cals

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