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Historic Building Conservation Gallery - Lincolnshire Lime

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St Astier, Singleton birch and Lime green lime mortar can be used in the resortation and conservation of Historic buildings and can be used for lime pointing, brick repair, stone repair, lime plastering, limecrete and a vast range of other applications.
Lincolnshire lime are suppliers of lime with years of experience in lime technology and the resortation of Historic buildings such as London Kings cross station, Lincoln cathedral,  Lincoln castle and many more presitegios building aswell as period buildings, river bank walls and other specilist work.
For orders and advice please Phone on 01469531227 or 
07743362408 and we will be happy to help.
Restoration of a red brick wall using natural hydraulic lime mortar
When restoring a old brick wall it is important to choose the correct lime mortar to use when lime pointing.
The lime mortar used should not be to weak or to strong for the bricks in the wall.
Achiving the correct stregth of lime mortar for a project is done by useing a natural hydralic lime mortar or in some cases a lime putty mortar.
For specilist advice chosing the correct lime mortar for your application please Phone on 01469531227 or 07743362408 and we will be happy to help.
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