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Hemp straw chopped and cleaned used for making hemp plaster
Can be mixed with hydraulic lime NHL 2 or fat lime putty and sand to make hemp lime plaster which has very good insulating properties. This is the shiv (fine) variation.

A whole range of sustainable building products are currently being made from all parts of the hemp plant for use in restoration and new build projects.

- Hemp construction uses renewable crop-based materials which absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) as they grow.
- Hempcrete walls provide all the insulation the building needs.
- Floor and roof insulation can also be achieved with the hemp lime biocomposite.
- Hempcrete provides carbon neutral, low energy, highly insulated structures and is suitable for both new build or      refurbishment.
- Hempcrete is simply hemp shiv combined with natural lime and water as binding agents. 
- Hempcrete buildings are also flexible and crack resistant, visually attractive. 
- Hemp construction uses renewable crop-based materials which have absorbed carbon dioxide.
- It is claimed that hemp and lime can lock up approximately 110 kg of CO2 per m3 of wall.


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