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Fassa Bortolo NHL

Introducing Fassa Bortolo's Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL), a testament to over three centuries of unparalleled tradition and expertise in the field of building materials. Produced by a company steeped in history since 1710, this high-quality product embodies the long-standing commitment to research, innovation, and environmental sustainability that Fassa Bortolo has championed for more than 300 years.

Fassa Bortolo's NHL is distinguished by its captivating creamy buff beige colour, a shade that adds a unique touch of elegance and warmth to any building project. Far from being a stark, bright white, its colour palette is soothing and natural, perfect for those seeking a more organic and sophisticated aesthetic.

The secret behind this distinctive colour lies in the exceptional raw limestone used in the production of our NHL. This limestone is meticulously selected for its unique mineral composition, which not only imparts the NHL with its characteristic colour but also ensures superior quality and performance.

The production process of Fassa Bortolo's NHL is a blend of time-honoured techniques honed over centuries and cutting-edge technology, all taking place in our state-of-the-art production plants. This combination of tradition and innovation allows us to deliver a product that meets the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Fassa Bortolo's Natural Hydraulic Lime is more than just a building material—it's a product of a legacy. When you choose our NHL, you're not just choosing superior quality and distinctive colour, you're also becoming part of a 300-year-old tradition of excellence and innovation in building materials.

Fassa Bortolo NHL 3.5
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Fassa Bortolo NHL 3.5 1 ton pallet
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