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Fassa Silicate Paint

Fassa Bortolo is a historic name in the world of building, Italian leader and one of the world’s best known companies. Care paid to quality and raw materials, research, innovation and the environment have always been at the basis of the company’s vision, expressed through continuous commitment to the development of state-of-the-art solutions for the evolution of building.

Since 1710 Fassa Bortolo has a 300+ year history of innovation, developing products for restoration and construction.

High quality Silicate Paint Cycle with very high breathability

Fassa Fassil P 313 is a high quality high breathability Silicate paint and Fassa Fassil F 328 is a high quality high breathability Silicate primer, together they form the Fassa Bortolo Silicate Cycle, Fassa Fassil P 313 is available in white and in colours please email us to request a colour chart or give us a call on 01469531227.

Fassa Silicate Paint in colours

If you would like a quote for silicate masonry paint based on area to be painted please give us a call on 01469531227 or use our Silicate paint quote system, see link below, below Thank you

Fassa Silicate Paint Fassil P 313
£120.00 inc. VAT
Fassa Silicate Primer Fassil F 328
£90.00 inc. VAT
Fassa Bortolo NHL 3.5
£14.40 inc. VAT
Fassa Bortolo NHL 3.5 1 ton pallet
£552.00 inc. VAT