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Warmshell is more than just a kit; it offers full support for the system once you’re ready to install it onto masonry.

If you’re a main contractor or homeowner, then we can help to put you in touch with a certified Warmshell installer, someone who has had training on installing our external wall insulation systems.

You can also ask us for samples of the decorative finish. With Warmshell Exterior wall insulation, you can choose from traditional lime render finish, or a highly breathable Mineral Silicate render in many different colours in several textures, so you can have exactly the look you want, whether that’s contemporary, rustic or traditional.

For builders and plasterers who are interested in learning more about installing it, there are regular training days at various locations so you can become a certified installer. Training covers important topics, such as making watertight junctions at eaves and window reveals, or how to fit it around window sills as well as many more. Installing Warmshell External insulation on to brick or block backgrounds is relatively simple in most respects, but it is important to understand the range of fixings beads and trims.