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Warmshell Exterior insulation system helps make your home significantly warmer and more comfortable to live in.

By installing masonry exterior wall insulation to the outside of your property, your internal floor area stays exactly the same, with no disruptive works inside, or redecoration needed afterwards. By choosing an appropriate thickness of wood fibre insulation you can achieve the very highest thermal efficiency in a way that suits your home and your budget.

With Warmshell Exterior wall insulation, you can choose from many different coloured renders in several textures, so you can have exactly the look you want, whether that’s contemporary, rustic or traditional.

The accredited lime based render integral to the Warmshell Exterior insulation system offers flexibility in the new wall to help maintain a good appearance to the building for many years.

Lime-based renders have the added benefit that the exterior finish of your walls remains ‘breathable’. Wood fibre insulation boards and lime render are hygroscopic so provide a moisture buffer. 

The Warmshell exterior insulation system has been tested extensively by independent organisations and has been found to meet the highest standards, attaining BBA certification. It has demonstrated its ‘Fitness for Purpose’ by meeting the rigorous energy efficiency, durability and safety requirements set out in the ETAG 004 Guideline for European Technical Approval of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with Rendering.

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