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Earthborn Eggshell and Wood Stain represent a new generation of water based wood finishes, unlike any others on the market.

Uniquely, they are totally free of VOCs, acrylics, oils and harmful emissions1, making them safer and more pleasant to use as well as better for the environment.

Designed to care for your wood for longer, Earthborn Eggshell and Wood Stain are specially formulated to repel water yet allow the wood to breathe.

They are suitable for exterior and interior woodwork and provide a long lasting, flexible finish that does not fade or yellow with time.

The ultimate eco friendly wood paint and varnish.

  • Eggshell – the eco friendly alternative to oil based eggshell paints, suitable for exterior or interior woodwork, totally VOC free, quick drying, attractive colour range.
  • Wood Stain – unique, modern eco varnish for exterior and interior woodwork, totally VOC free, quick drying, non-yellowing.

Why use Earthborn Eggshell and Wood Stain?

Property Conventional solvent based Eggshell or Wood Stain* Other water
based Eggshell 
or Wood Stain*
Eggshell or Wood Stain
Water soluble no yes yes
Odour high low free
Non-yellowing no no yes
Totally clear no no yes**
Quick drying no yes yes
Acrylic free*** no no yes
Oil free no no yes
VOC free*** no low yes
Breathability very poor average very high

When it comes to woodwork, Earthborn Eggshell is a real eye-opener.

Behind its soft satin sheen and delectable colour range* lies a highly advanced product that cares for your wood for longer. It is also safer and more pleasant to use and better for the environment.

Unlike other water based paints, Earthborn Eggshell is totally free of VOCs, oils, acrylics and acrylic softeners. It does not give off any harmful emissions during or after use.¹

Suitable for exterior and interior woodwork, Earthborn Eggshell gives a smooth, flexible yet durable finish that allows the wood to breathe and will not fade or discolour with time.

It covers well, dries quickly and requires no separate primer or undercoat (for new wood just dilute the first coat with 10% water).²

  • Attractive, contemporary colour range*.
  • Non fade, flexible, satin finish.
  • VOC free, acrylic free, odour free.
  • Water based, breathable.
  • Safer, healthier and more pleasant to use.
  • Excellent covering power, quick drying.
Great for:
  • exterior and interior woodwork
  • doors and window frames
  • fascias and cladding
  • brightening up and protecting garden furniture.

Product information:


11 – 14sq m/litre

Drying time:

touch dry after 15 minutes; allow 2 hours before applying second coat
Ingredients: water, pigments, mineral filling material,
vinegar ester, titanium dioxide, synthetic preservative

750ml, 2.5 litre
Product codes: see product data sheet

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