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Cork Insulating Boards
Board Thickness
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Cork board insulation is a high performance, natural, sustainable and vapour permeable insulation system.

Cork Board insulation is made entirely from natural and renewable cork. The boards are used as part of a system, offering a vapour permeable insulation and excellent acoustic performance.

The low thermal conductivity (?=0.037 0.040 W/m.K) of cork board offers high energy efficiency. Therefore contributing to an environmental and economic saving.

Using 100% natural cork panels on a building ensures maximum thermal and good acoustic insulation whilst also preserving the environment.

Providing natural and sustainable insulation (extracted from the cork-oak tree every 9 years), the cork used in the Cork Board system is a breathable material, free from any chemicals, synthetic resins or carcinogenic materials. This contributes for a healthy environment inside or outside of your home.



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