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Contour Stone and Brick Repair Mortar 25KG  Colour
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Lime Green Contour is a mortar for re-creating, imitating and patch repairing bricks and natural stones in a wide range of hues and colours. Contour can be carved, sanded, dressed and shaped like stone to give a uniquely convincing look and feel. 

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Approximately 1.6kg of dry mortar is required per litre.  A 25 kg bag yields around 15 litres of mortar.

Handling and cleaning
Wear suitable PPE, including gloves, dust mask and goggles. Do not breath the dust.  Wash any dust or mixed materials off skin straight away with plenty of clean water. Wash tools with clean water. 

Surface Preparation 
The background must be assessed before work commences for the cause of decay and the compatibility of the repair mix, including its porosity, strength and capillary uptake. Remove any lose or friable masonry, and any contamination. Stone or bricks that are heavily salt contaminated may not be suitable. Highly porous backgrounds should be primed the day before with a gritty brush on primer. Ensure the background is suitable for supporting the weight of the new material (10mm of Contour over 1m2 weighs approximately 20kg). Brass armatures or stainless-steel lath may be required to support the mix, especially on thicker build ups.   

Mix in a drum mixer or by paddle mixer, avoid creating excessive dust. Carefully add the powder to clean water, using approximately 5 litres per 25kg bag. Mix for between 2 and 5 minutes until a workable consistency is achieved. Do not re-work. Do not use in temperatures less than 3ºC or over 25ºC.  

Lightly dampen the background before applying with a hawk and trowel or small tools. Contour is used for patching or creating blocks of stone or brick effect. Never apply in a continuous coat as with a render. Coats should be a minimum of 6mm and no more than 30mm. For multiple coats key each coat and apply green on green.  
For carved or cut back finishes apply the mix slightly beyond the finished level. As the mortar hardens it will become possible to work it with different techniques and tools to the desired shape and finish. Trials should be made before commencing work.

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