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Why Warmshell?


Warmshell insulation is versatile.
The Warmshell insulation system is highly adaptable, so can be used on a wide range of detached or terraced properties with solid brick walls, as well as super-insulated buildings and historic properties.

Warmshell has exceptional insulative qualities.
Standard methods of timber frame insulation where the insulation infills just between timbers, Warmshell adds an additional layer to the outside of the structure to completely encase the property. This offers a number of significant advantages. From an insulation perspective, this makes Warmshell highly efficient. Essentially you can expect a Warmshell wall to be warmer, more airtight, have better acoustics than standard timber frame design. In practice this means that a wall as thin as 260mm will meet Building Regulations standards (0.18 U Value) without the need for additional waste water heat recovery systems or triple glazing to be installed as part of the build.

Warmshell is cost-effective.
Warmshell Exterior is an external wall insulation that uses Woodfibre boards for their breathability, low impact, acoustic and thermal efficiency, but for those applications where breathability is of less importance we can offer Expanded Polystyrene as a cheaper alternative to woodfibre. Just like our other systems, it qualifies for the government’s Green Deal loans and has the same levels of certification.

Warmshell is a high performance system.

Warmshell has been developed exclusively by Lime Green, UK Based manufacturers of environmentally friendly and energy efficient mortars, plasters and renders. It meets all the latest UK and European standards for external wall insulation systems and has a specified life span of at least 30 years.

Warmshell is an eco-friendly insulation system.
Warmshell’s wall insulation boards are made from softwood from sustainably managed sources (FSC). Chipped and mixed with water, the wood’s own cellulose and lignin bind the board together without the need for chemicals or adhesives, unlike many other fibre boards.

Warmshell also uses recycled glass beads in its render, trapping air to make walls warmer, and making it up to 50% lighter than other renders, so that it is more energy efficient to transport.

And because only natural materials are used in the Warmshell insulation system, at the end of a project any waste can be disposed of harmlessly.

Warmshell gives a more consistent temperature inside your home.
Warmshell’s wood fibre board is much more effective than traditional mineral wool insulation at limiting solar gain, so internal temperatures stay much more constant.

Warmshell is tried and tested.
Warmshell has been rigorously tested by the BBA (British Board of Agrément), the leading organisation when it comes to the approval and certification of products and systems for the construction industry. Uniquely, it is the only external wall insulation system using breathable lime render to have passed ETAG 004 European Technical Approval and to hold a BBA certificate.

Warmshell creates a healthier home.
Using Warmshell helps promote a healthy home: Protection from cold weather, heat and noise, are expected but by using natural woodfibre and lime plaster water vapour in the air is buffered. Using natural materials that emit virtually no VOCs and balancing the humidity in the building makes the property particularly allergy friendly creating a pleasant internal climate. 

Warmshell gives you the look you want.
With Warmshell's external wall insulation, you can select from many different coloured lime renders in several textures, so whether you are after a contemporary, rustic or traditional look, you can achieve it with Warmshell.

Warmshell where you want it.
We can deliver Warmshell products anywhere on the UK mainland.