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Beeck Etching Fluid | Lincolnshire Lime
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Etching Fluid by Beeck

Used to remove the sinter skin on new render before painting 

This is an acid concentration for removing the sinterskin (the fine film/coating from the binder paste on new renders following their rubbing up; lime or cement) from new mineral based renders. The application of the Etching Fluid is very important as it does just that, it etches the surface exposing the silicates available from the aggregates used in the render, providing a more active surface for the binder (potassium silicate) to react with the Beeckosil Finish.

Processing and Application

The Etching Fluid needs to be thinned with 3 to 5 parts water, depending on the surface to be treated, applied either by brush or a spray application, once applied it should be worked into the surface using a hard brush to ensure penetration. Following application the surface will effervesce (fizz) with the acid reacting with any calcareous material in the render, the maximum exposure time should be no more than 20 minutes, it should then be rinsed off thoroughly using a hose to rinse down the surface.

Following the washing process the run off is completely inert and does not require any special considerations regarding disposal, as the Etching Fluid is inert and biodegradable. However, the Etching Fluid itself is an acidic solution of fluorosilicates in water, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should always be used, and prior to use we would advise the user to refer to the manufacturers safety data sheet.

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