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AeroTherm is a revolutionary new alternative to conventional insulation.

The scientific research and advanced technology behind AeroTherm allows it to achieve a high level of performance, whilst creating new ways to efficiently use the heat generated in a room.

A 1mm layer of AeroTherm is all that’s required to save up to 35% of heat loss from your rooms. This ultra-thin reflective coating creates warm walls, eliminates cold spots, reduces mould and provides wall to wall ‘thermal comfort’. No regular insulation method offers this performance at such low thickness.

AeroTherm is applied to your home’s walls in a similar process to plastering, leaving a surface that’s smooth and ready to
decorate with paint or wallpaper. No regular insulation method offers such a quick and simple application.

AeroTherm is widely used in homes across Europe.


How it works

AeroTherm works by absorbing radiant heat, quickly warming the surface of the walls to a comfortable room temperature, then emitting any excess heat back into the room.

This rapidly creates wall to wall “thermal comfort”. The quicker warm up times, longer cool down times and more balanced room temperature, allows the heating system to reduce its output, providing significant energy savings. A further benefit of creating warm walls is a much reduced risk of condensation forming on the surfaces, which leads to mould growth.

AeroTherm has been carefully designed to combine advanced materials materials such as aerogel and hollow glass microspheres.

A specially formed binder enables the materials to work together and perform at their maximum potential.

Aerogel is the most advanced and effective insulant ever created. So good is its ability to prevent heat transfer in a lightweight material, that NASA used it extensively throughout their space programme.


Return on investment

AeroTherm saves the equivalent energy of traditional insulation systems. Typically these internal or external wall insulation systems cost c. £100 - £120 a square metre fully installed. The cost of an AeroTherm installation will be dependent upon your property but will be substantially less than this. 

This is a specialist product and must be ordered over the phone - please call the team on 01469 531 227 or 07743 362 408 for sales or for any queries.

This product should also be applied by a certified Aero-Therm installer to ensure optimum performance - Please contact us for more information.

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