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About Us - Lincolnshire Lime

Lincolnshire Lime supplies ready mixed lime mortar, Singleton Birch and St Astier NHL natural hydraulic lime, fat lime putty, Lime Green pre coloured lime mortar and lime plaster and Lithomex stone repair mix for conservation. Also Earthborn claypaint and Beecks silicate masonry breathable paints to clients throughout the UK.
Suppliers of full range of Singleton Birch, Ionic, St Astier, Lime Green, Earthborn and Beecks products.
Founded in 2000, Lincolnshire Lime has over 15 years of experience in the Building Materials sector, and having previously had 40 years experience in conservation, restoration and renovation.

The company is located in Thornton Curtis, North Lincolnshire and has experience with and supported many historic buildings, churches, cathedrals and castles.   

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