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Smooth lime with high hydraulic composition for internal use.  Factory prepared according to EN 998-1. Universal, natural white, dry powder lime-based mortar for manual application in internal areas. Part of the Baumit Klima range of products for healthy living. 

Fine skimming plaster for a smooth, matt surface finish onto wall and ceiling surfaces in all internal areas including domestic kitchens and bathrooms.  
Suitable substrates include lime and cement based renders, no fines concrete surfaces, renovation plasters and renders.  
Baumit Kalkputz Klima Glätt W is suitable for receiving paint.  
Not suitable for use onto gypsum based substrates, in designated wet rooms or onto areas reserved for tiling.

Sand, white lime, small amount of white cement and additives to improve workability and adhesion. 

Open to water vapour diffusion and retention to balance room humidity levels.
Easy to use with a smooth matt surface finish. 

ca. 20 L/20 kg bag 

ca. 1.3 kg/m²/mm thickness

Substrates must be sound, clean, dry, free from frost, dust efflorescence and not water repellent.  
Render basecoats must be flat with a finely floated or finely scraped surface. Smooth polished concrete surfaces should be prepared with a suitable Baumit contact mortar.
Preparation and levelling coatings must be fully cured.  
High suction  substrates  should  be  dampened  with  water  using  a  mist  sprayer.  
The surface strength of fat lime plasters may not be sufficient to receive Baumit Kalkputz Klima Glätt W.  
Test on a small area to verify suitability.  
Do not apply onto gypsum coatings or products.  
Refer to Baumit Technical Support for further advice. 

Baumit Kalkputz Klima Glätt W powder is sprinkled into a tub of clean water and left to stand for 5 10 minutes and then mixed with an electric hand mixer to a lump free, creamy consistency. 
The Klima Glätt W is applied to the substrate and smoothed out flat in a full and even coat (1 - 2 mm thick) using a stainless steel trowel and left to harden (ca. 2 hours). A second coat of a wetter consistency is then applied and finished with the trowel to produce a smooth, flat and matt surface. Total thickness ca. 1 2 mm thick). Do not use water to aid finishing. 


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