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Factory prepared dry powder, lightweight lime-cement render mortar in accordance with EN 998-1. With mineral aggregrates for thermally insulating masonry.  For manual and machine application  internally and externally as a base coat or topcoat.

Lightweight rendering mortar for direct application onto newly erected standard and highly thermally insulating masonry (? 0.07 W/mK) in internal and external areas.  
Suitable as a basecoat and plain finish topcoat in a two coat render system or as a basecoat to receive Baumit decorative topcoats, Baumit skimming plasters or tiles.  
Baumit  MP  69  is  also  suitable  for  external  application  on  masonry  with  lower lambda values when protected with an additional reinforcement coat.

High yield, quick setting, lightweight render with a high proportion of mineral lightweight additives (no EPS).
Good water retention and adhesion, high flexibility (low E-module) and reduced shrinkage to safeguard against cracking.  
Once cured the render is water vapour permeable and resistant to weathering, frost attack, impacts and scratches.

Sand, cement, lime, lightweight mineral aggregates and additives to improve workability and adhesion. 

ca. 15.0 kg/m2 /15 mm thickness 

Substrates must be sound, clean, dry, free from frost, dust efflorescence and not water repellent. Prepare smooth concrete or very low suction surfaces with Baumit StarContact.   Prepare mixed masonry substrates and natural stone with a spatter dash coating. High suction substrates should be dampened with water using a mist sprayer.  Do not saturate aircrete substrates.  Preparation and levelling coatings must be fully cured, well keyed and compatible with the render system. Refer to Baumit Technical Support for further advice regarding preparation of substrates.

Mixing: Baumit MP 69 can be mixed with clean water in a tub to a lump free, creamy consistency with an electric hand mixer. Automated continuous horizontal mixers may also be used. For small areas the mixed render can be manually applied. For larger areas the fresh render can be fed into a mortar pump for spray application. Alternatively, mortar mixing pumps provide an all-in-one mixing and spraying solution.
Basecoat render: The render is applied onto the substrate to the required thickness in one or two passes (fresh-infresh) depending on the degree of suction from the substrate and ruled off with a straight edge, filling in undulations to produce a flat and even render layer. On hardening the surface is consolidated with a wooden/plastic float or scraped with a grid float in tight circular motions in preparation for Baumit decorative topcoat renders. The surface may also be finished with a sponge float for receiving a topcoat of Baumit MP 69 (3 mm thick) or Baumit Kalkputz Klima Glätt W (lime skim finishing plaster). The drying times (1 day/mm thickness) must be observed. A maximum render thickness of 20 mm may be applied in a single application. Where necessary, greater thicknesses must be built up in multiple coats of at least 10 mm in thickness. Upon setting the surface of each additional coat is horizontally keyed with a plasterers comb to receive the following coat. Drying times between each coat (1 day/mm thickness) must be observed. 
Topcoat render: Baumit MP 69 is applied on to the basecoat and smoothed out flat with a trowel or spatula to a thickness of 3 mm. Shortly afterwards the surface is lightly rubbed over with a fine sponge float in tight circular motions to produce a fine, plain finish. A paint finish is required for this topcoat render application. The Baumit decorative topcoat renders are also suitable for application onto Baumit MP 69. Refer to the relevant Product Data Sheets. 

Reinforcement coat: An additional reinforcement coat of Baumit StarContact with embedded Baumit StarTex reinforcing mesh to a thickness of 3 - 5 mm applied over the cured Baumit MP 69 basecoat render is recommended in the following circumstances: 

the masonry substrate has a lambda ? < 0.11 W/mK
the render system will be exposed to severe or very severe weather conditions  
the substrate is comprised of mixed masonry  
the selected Baumit decorative topcoat render has an aggregate < 2mm

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