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Our aim is to make sure building, restoration and conservation is done correctly, whilst sharing useful ideas and help with others.

How to mix lime mortar

How to mix lime mortar

Here is our instructional video showing you how to mix lime for mortar.

We recommend using approximately 1 part lime to 3 parts sharp sand. We used Singleton Birch NHL 3.5 for this project, and the mortar was used for building a small wall.


Which lime should I use?

Depending on the purpose of the mortar, different limes are usually used. We used a Natural Hydraulic Lime, with the strength 3.5 (known as NHL 3.5), on this particular project which is ideal for re-pointing and building walls. NHL 2 is weaker,  generally more flexible & sets slowly, which is ideal for internal applications or where conservation is a primary concern with soft or deteriorating stones and bricks. NHL 5 is stronger and has a faster set, which is primarily used for granite, engineering brick, basalt, flint, paving, roofing and chimneys.



Where can I buy lime?

Our online store is filled lime for mortar, render, plaster and much more, as well as specialist & eco friendly building materials. Visit our online store at lincolnshirelime.co.uk.


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