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Lincoln’s Newport Arch Restoration

Restoration of Lincoln’s Newport Arch

Lincoln Newport Arch Restoration
Lincoln’s Newport Arch after restoration with Singleton Birch lime mortar supplied by Lincolnshire Lime

Newport Arch is located in Lincoln city centre, and is reputedly the oldest arch in the UK still used by traffic. This is what remains from the 3rd-century Roman gate. Over the years, it has sustained damage from a range of causes, including weathering, and 2 incidents involving a lorry; one happening in 1964, and the other fourty years later in 2004. Lime mortar, as well as stone, was used to restore the arch.

Why lime mortar was used

Lime mortar was used to re-point and re-stabilise the arch, as well as for laying new stones. The arch was originally built with lime mortar in the 3rd-century, which has proven it’s durability and longevity! Because of this, lime mortar was used to restore the arch, ensuring it remains as traditional as possible. With old walls, the need for breathability and flexibility is necessary, and lime mortar is highly breathable, and can accommodate flex. Had the arch have been restored with cement, it would no longer be breathable, and could not accommodate any flex, thus making the passage of moisture through the stone impossible, causing the stone to deteriorate. Cement should never be used to restore old structures.

Which lime mortar was used?

Singleton Birch NHL (Natural Hydraulic Lime) 3.5 was used for the restoration of the arch. The lime mortar for this restoration project was supplied by ourselves (Lincolnshire Lime).

When repointing walls with lime mortar, NHL 3.5 is very popular, as it is of a medium strength, providing good breathability.

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singleton birch natural hydraulic lime 3.5 mortar
Singleton Birch natural hydraulic lime 3.5

The Newport Arch After Restoration

Below are images of the Newport Arch after the restoration project was completed.

Rear view of the Newport Arch
Close-up view of the Newport Arch
Newport arch after restoration
Newport arch after restoration
Project Overview

Due to unforseen complications, the restoration cost over £140k in total; after an initial evaluation of repair fees being around £60k. The restoration project was very costly, but inevitably worthwhile, because in our eyes, Newport Arch is priceless. The costs seem to be alot, but the Newport Arch does alot for the character of the city, losing the Newport Arch would have been a real loss.The Arch is now stronger than ever, and looks fantastic.



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