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Painting with Breathable Earthborn Claypaint

Why should I paint my walls with breathable paint?

Most ‘Plastic’ based masonry paints are not breathable. This can trap moisture under the surface, causing cracks and spots, bubbles, flakes and problems with damp. This can cause a lot of problems, especially in older buildings or outdoor projects, with factors such as rain and damp.

Earthborn natural paints are breathable; which can prevent the above problems from occurring. Breathable paints allow the walls to breathe and moisture can evaporate, rather than staying within the walls. This is why we use Earthborn natural paints when painting our walls.


Here’s a few pictures of our entrance, which we recently painted in Earthborn paint:

applying earthborn clay paint
Applying white base coat with Earthborn claypaint

As you can see above, a white base coat was applied to the lime plaster walls, and fibre lime ceiling. We watered down the claypaint with 20% water, however you can use it straight from the tin. A highly breathable lime plaster (Lime Green Solo) was used for plaster on this wall.

Second coat of earthborn clay paint
Applying the second coat of earthborn claypaint to wall. We used the colour ‘Bugle’.

Above, you can see the second coat of claypaint being applied. This time, the colour ‘bugle’ was used. We watered it down with 10% water, but that’s just our personal preference – you can use it straight from the tin without diluting it; but we find it works best for us this way and makes the paint go further.

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  1. Great blog thankyou – I initially thought it would be more complicated to apply than this, but now I reckon I’l give it a go seeing as though its as simple as this.
    Cheers Lincolnshire Lime

    • Recently , whilst i was woikrng i noticed one of the tips above. I saw under a house with a timber floor , that they had insulated between the floor joists. The insulation covered with foil will stop drafts coming through the timber and assisted in raising the overall energy rating to the home. I would love to hear other peoples experiences.

  2. Hi there, have you ever had any problems with the earthborne colours. We got bugle (grey) came out blue on our walls. We also got lily lily rose and it came out lilac. And tuffet was supposed to be light green and it came out light blue ..which I rather like.

    • Hello Sarah, we’ve always had great results with Earthborn paints. I’m sorry to hear that it came out a wrong colour – I’m glad you like it though!
      I’d recommend taking a few pictures and sending them to Earthborn.


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